The Diocese of Des Moines
Who are our seminarians?
Father Joe Pins
Who are our seminarians?
October 2, 2014
Written By: Father Joe Pins

This fall we have 28 seminarians studying for the Diocese of Des Moines. These men are discerning if they are called by God to be priests of Jesus Christ in our diocese.


To introduce these men, I would like to share some facts about the group. Out of the 28 seminarians, 14 graduated from the two Catholic high schools in our diocese. This shows that the Catholic high schools are providing a culture of vocations. Out of the 28 men, only 5 were born outside the United States. Of these 5; two graduated high school here in Iowa. Three countries are represented in these 5; South Sudan, Mexico and El Salvador. Out of the 28 seminarians, 16 joined the diocese without a college degree.


Two of our seminarians came to us with advanced degrees. The seminary is broken into three sections. College seminary is where men receive education for an undergraduate degree in Philosophy. If a man comes to us with an undergraduate degree, he spends two years in a Pre-Theology program to learn philosophy and receive human and spiritual formation before entering major seminary. The last four years of education for the seminarian is called major seminary. The men receive an education toward a Master’s degree in Theology. Out of the 28 seminarians, 12 are in college seminary, 4 in Pre-Theology and 12 in major seminary. The Diocese of Des Moines is blessed to have these quality men studying and discerning serving the faithful of the diocese.


The Holy Spirit has been working in our midst to bring these young men to this point. We give thanks to God for all of the men and women of our diocese who are in formation. We thank you for your prayers and support. Together we are creating a culture of
vocations in the diocese. Thank you! Save to


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