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What makes Catholic Charities Catholic?
Catholic Identity Training in New Ulm, MN
What makes Catholic Charities Catholic?
April 5, 2011
Written By: Trish Radke

How is the work that is done through Catholic Charities distinctively Catholic? We certainly serve and employ people of all faiths, provide professionservices similar to other social service agencies, so what makes our work Catholic?


Catholic Charities Executive Director Nancy Galeazzi and myself (Trish Radke, staff member) returned today from a training that explored just that.


Held in New Ulm, Minnesota, the training was hosted by Catholic Charities USA as part of its Mission Integration work and gathered leadership from Catholic Charities agencies in Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota.


Among many topics discussed was the underlying theme that, though Catholic Charities agencies around the country are unique in structure and programming, we are all guided by Catholic social teaching that leads us to serve the poor and vulnerable in our local communities with faith-filled compassion. Someone at the conference said it could you do this work without faith?


The dignity and respect of the human person is truly at the core of what we do.


Interested in learning more about the key principles of Catholic social teaching that guide the work we do? Check out the CCUSA website here for a quick overview.


Catholic Charities in the Des Moines Diocese is involved in the opportunities offered through Catholic Charities USA and utilizes the resources and relationships to evolve the work that we do locally. From policy development, advocacy at a national level, leadership training and resource sharing, Catholic Charities USA links almost 1700 agencies around the US that carry out the social mission of the Catholic Church.


As a volunteer or supporter of Catholic Charities, YOU are part of this network too-- a network that provides help and hope for more than 9 million people of all faiths each year. Save to


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