The Diocese of Des Moines
What about YOU?
September 2, 2010
Written By: Trish Radke

I just attended a fantastic training about using social media (such as this blog) led by several of Catholic Charities Marketing Committee Members, Mary Jo Meister and Carol Westercamp. One of the many valuable "tips" that I left with is the realization that an important thing has been missing from this blog-- conversation with YOU.


Catholic Charities wants to hear from YOU!


Are you finding that the posts about the St. Joseph Expansion are keeping you informed? Have you been moved to get involved, and if so has this blog or our website provided you with information needed to do so? Has your understanding of the issue of homelessness and poverty grown over the last month due to this blog?


Share your experience with us so we can continue to provide you with valuable updates on the Shelter expansion and many other efforts to serve all people in need with compassion and competence while advocating for justice. Save to


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