The Diocese of Des Moines
We're moving!
October 11, 2016
Written By: Anne Marie Cox

This email is a reminder that operations at the Catholic Pastoral Center are moving to The Ruan Center at 666 Grand Ave., just across the street from the Catholic Pastoral Center, while it undergoes renovation. 

Catholic Charities, the Senior Housing Corporation of the Diocese of Des Moines and the diocesan Finance Office will be located on ½ of the 9th floor.  This is a publicly accessible floor and will house our receptionists for both the diocese and Catholic Charities.  All visitors should come to the 9th floor.

The remainder of the diocesan staff as well as offices for The Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa and the Catholic Tuition Organization will be on the 18th floor. 

Our postal address will not change.  Please continue to use the following mailing address for the pastoral center: 601 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50309.

We will have a brief time in which pastoral center services will be interrupted.  Our move will begin Thursday, Oct. 13 and will continue through Friday.  Our diocesan network and internet will be down from Friday, Oct. 14-Sunday, Oct. 16.  All individual phone extensions will be inaccessible during this time. The main diocesan and Catholic Charities contact numbers will be re-directed to cell phones on Friday, Oct. 14 for service.  Staff will have access to diocesan email during this time.  I share this so that you might be aware of our schedule and its impact on operations. 

Operations will resume at The Ruan Center Monday morning, Oct. 17. Save to


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