The Diocese of Des Moines
Summer at the Institute of Priestly Formation
June 24, 2010
Written By: Ross Parker


We have only been going for three weeks, but IPF has been a very positive experience in my life thus far.  In seminary we learn about God, but don’t spend as much time learning about deepening our relationship with God. The classes and working with my spiritual director at the Institute for Priestly Formation has really helped me to grow in my relationship with the Trinity.  
The summer began with an eight day silent retreat, which has been the most positive experience of the program thus far. Being silent for eight days really helped me to get in touch with what was going on inside of me, and gave me much more time to discern the interior movements of my heart.  
The program talks about being a novitiate for diocesan seminarians.  I think that is the best way to describe the program.  This program is exactly what I need in this time of my formation. Again, the main thing is that I am growing in my relationship with the Trinity and Mary. Everything that I do flows from my relationship with the Holy Trinity, and that relationship will one day God willing help me to be a good priest.
In Christ,
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