The Diocese of Des Moines
St. Joseph Shelter thankful for network of caring collaborators
August 27, 2010
Written By: Trish Radke

Everyday, staff at St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter are reminded that Des Moines has a great community of caring providers for people in need.
Each day, Sherry, the Family Advocate at St. Joseph, works tirelessly with those providers to assist families in whatever way possible. Here, Sherry shares an example of that kind of collaboration and how, when we work together, we can make a difference.
A grandmother called looking for shelter for her daughter, son in law and 4 children living in a tent down at the river.  Grandma is not able to help due to her own housing situation, but very concerned for her family too, particularly the children not being in school.  Grandma had been calling on their behalf to all of the shelters and no rooms available.  I asked further questions and made some calls myself and we were able to get the mom and children into New Directions the next day with the assistance of Primary Health Care to transport the family and JOPPA who did all of the outreach while the family was camping. In addition, Kim Peterson the Polk County School's Homeless Liaison was enlisted to help the children get into school and help with supplies and etc..
This truly is reflective of how we collaborate and how much we depend on each other to make things happen for families that need us. This is only one story, there are many more, I really think that over the last few months we have just noticed more how much we need each other and that is what makes our resource community so strong.



Please join us in thanking all the service providers in this community that work together daily to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Save to


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