The Diocese of Des Moines
Seminary Life: Trevor Chicoine
January 25, 2012
Written By: Trevor Chicoine


Trevor Chicoine

Loras College: Junior


My name is Trevor Chicoine, and I’m a Seminarian for the Diocese of Des Moines.  I entered seminary in the fall of 2009, fresh out of high school.  I’m currently in my third (junior) year at St. Pius X Seminary at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.  The past three years have been the most challenging and rewarding of my life!  I am majoring in philosophy with a minor in liturgical music.  Seminary formation is an experience like none other!  It is truly a process that forms and shapes the whole person.  So often, it is easy to think of seminary as only ‘classes’ and academic learning, when in fact that is only ¼ of what we’re about at the seminary! 


In addition to academic formation, while in college seminary we also engage heavily in the formation our human person-attempting to model ourselves after Jesus Christ the High Priest and model for all priests.  We attempt to make our own humanity, weak as it is, a bridge and not an obstacle to Christ.  Seminarians also engage in pastoral formation, a sort of practicum experience in ministry.  Forming our spiritual life is an important part of the seminary, with daily Mass, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, spiritual readings, and devotions especially those to the Blessed Mother.  All that being said, there’s also a lot of fun to be had at the seminary!  The friendships I’ve made here are some of the best of my life.  It’s not uncommon to find Seminarians playing cards, watching a movie or TV, or going for ice cream on the weekends or in the evenings.  There are athletic guys, computer guys, music guys, and even a few NASCAR fans at the seminary! There are many good men at the seminary and it is a pleasure to live with them and grow with them. Save to


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