The Diocese of Des Moines
Seminary Life: Matthew Krastel
March 7, 2012
Written By: Matthew Krastel


Matthew Krastel

Mundelein Seminary: Theology I


I am currently in my first year of theological study at the University of St. Mary of the Lake Mundelein Seminary which is northwest of downtown Chicago.  The transition from college seminary to major seminary has, thus far, been rather smooth, though it has not come without challenges.  The atmosphere at Mundelein is very peaceful, quite contrary to what one may assume for being in the suburbs of Chicago.  For me, such a setting is very beneficial for maintaining a prayerful attitude throughout my formation.

Perhaps an aspect that surprises many people looking at entering the seminary is how 'normal' or common seminarians are compared with the preconception.  Aside from the fact that we are studying to be ordained to the priesthood, God willing, we live typical lives: we play sports, watch television, play video games, etc...  Seminarians do not belong to some "Holier-than-thou" cult that hides away from the rest of the world!  

Not a day goes by that I do not thank God for my calling- it has truly been an undeserved blessing in my life, and by the will of God, I look forward to serving the Diocese of Des Moines as a priest. Save to


I very pleased about the concern of the diocese encouraging, inspiring and supporting seminarians. May God bless you all.
Posted By: John mwongera - 3/7/2012 12:49 PM