The Diocese of Des Moines
Seminary Life: Joseph Wright
April 4, 2012
Written By: Joseph Wright

Joseph Wright

Saint John Vianney Seminary: College Sophomore

Jesus has been teaching me at seminary how to have a relationship with Him and to love Him.  This relationship is developed through daily mass, adoration, scripture reading, spiritual reading, and other devotions.  Upon entering seminary I knew many of my shortcomings as a person, but now entering seminary Christ has brought to light more of them.  But, that is a wonderful thing.  Jesus cannot heal us of our imperfections unless we allow him to live in us and to cooperate with His grace.  For me at least that is what has gone on this year, healing and growth.  All of this is designed to help us to become the holy men that Jesus wants us to be. 

In this process of formation seminarians do not journey alone.  There is a brotherhood of men going through the same experiences that you are.  There is a community of support and fraternity there that is unlike any other I have experienced.  Your fellow seminarians challenge you to grow.  The priests in charge of formation provide the example and directions in which you should go down upon.  The academics challenge you, but they are extremely rewarding.  The outreach programs we participate in also give us a chance to serve others around us.  All of these things are put together to help us grow in the four pillars of priestly formation, which are spiritual, human, intellectual, and pastoral. Save to


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