The Diocese of Des Moines
Seminary Life: Andrew Windschitl
January 4, 2012
Written By: Andrew Windschitl

Andrew Windschitl

Saint Paul Seminary

Theology I


Seminary is like college in many ways.  For example, we live in a dorm-like setting, attend classes, and eat at a cafeteria.  However, unlike college, intellectual development is just one of the many parts of a person that is focused upon.  Our pastoral, spiritual, and human aspects are developed as well.  By doing so we aim to become better men overall, not just intellectuals or pastors.  In other words, a man's willingness to accept the call from God entails a true surrendering of mind, body, and soul such that the man is built up to be a priest in whom the people of God can see the person of Christ.


This has become more and more clear to me this year in seminary.  At the St. Paul Seminary we are assigned to what are called teaching parishes.  They are real parishes with real people.  While we still have classes several days a week, we usually visit these parishes once a week for activities and one weekend a month for Masses.  This opportunity allows us to take what we have learned in the classroom and put it to use in the parishes.  Even better is when we learn something entirely new at the parish that we did not learn in the classroom.  It is heartening to both work with and learn from the faithful as it is a true representation of what priesthood will be like. Save to


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