The Diocese of Des Moines
Roman Missal: Advent/Christmas Texts Posted
February 17, 2011
Written By: Kyle Lechtenberg

The digital age certainly is helping the preparation process for the new Missal to be more streamlined.  There is a wealth of information on the new texts, information that would have been impossible to disseminate so quickly even ten years ago.


The new texts of the Roman Missal for the seasons of Advent and Christmas are posted for the convenience of priests who will be preparing the prayers and for anyone curious about the forthcoming new edition. 


Recall that the texts for the Order of Mass are posted as well.  The Order of Mass includes those texts which are are mostly fixed from week to week. This would include the Greeting and Sign of the Cross, the Penitential Act, the Glory to God, Creed, Eucharistic Prayers, and the Communion and Concluding Rites. There are two formats: a standard format and an annotated format, which includes scriptural references. 


Or, if you wish, there are versions with only the people's parts and the priests' parts which highlight with the differences in translation.

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