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Quality laundry facilities top of list for expanded shelter
August 11, 2010
Written By: Trish Radke & Dixie Webb, House Manager at St. Joseph Shelter

The day to day household chores at St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter are similar to most households. Floors need mopped, dishes need washed and laundry needs to be done. But when these chores are multiplied by 5 (St. Joseph currently houses 5 families at one time and it will soon have the potential of housing 10!) things can get interesting. 
Dixie, one of the house managers at St. Joseph Shelter, shared with me her experience on Friday when one of the washing machines wasn't working properly.
Last week we had a guest move out. We are down to one washer which doesn't always get the clothes spun out well.  When the clothes are extra damp the dryer takes longer to get them dry.  It took most of yesterday to get the laundry done from one guest room.  Thank goodness, none of our guests were needing the laundry facilities at the same time!  A commercial washer and dryer that can handle more laundry and run more efficiently will be a huge improvement to help staff get rooms turned around quicker and enable our guests to do their own laundry in a reasonable time frame.


The commercial grade washer and dryer that Dixie refers to is on the top of the Shelter Expansion wish list. As the number of guests doing laundry increases, laundry facilities that can handle that type of use are going to be essential. 


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