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Pope Francis House blessed with Habitat for Humanity
Bishop Pates visits with the family that will call the Pope Francis House their home once construction is completed.
Pope Francis House blessed with Habitat for Humanity
June 3, 2015
Written By: Anne Marie Cox

Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity, with the support of local Catholic churches, is building a home honoring Pope Francis. Bishop Pates blessed the ground and visited with volunteers and the family that will live in the three-bedroom ranch-style home once construction is completed. Here are the remarks of Bishop Pates.

Good Morning

Buenas Dias

Soy Muy Contento estar con ustedes!

I am delighted to be able to be with you on this very happy day.  God is pleased.  He could not have provided more beautiful weather.  Today we bless the ground to mark the beginning of the Pope Francis House on Francis Street.


I can speak also on behalf of Pope Francis.  As we know he is dedicated to economic justice, equality and peace!  He also challenges us not only to undertake such activity in a generic sense or simply to speak platitudes but to do so in reality – helping people in particular circumstances.

That is why the Habitat for Humanity method fulfills the Pope’s vision.  The new owners Jimmy and Zai will invest their own resources especially of a physical nature as primary partners in the building of this new home for themselves and their two children.

In actuating the vision of Pope Francis I am genuinely pleased by the participation of our parishes, both through physical labor and financial assistance.  The contribution of each individual is valued and most important in building this new home.

I want to thank Habitat for Humanity, the Des Moines Chapter, for its openness to this opportunity and for engaging their renowned expertise in making this dream a reality.

Finally, a word of thanks is owed to the anonymous donor, who generously donated one-half of the cost for this new home thus setting in motion the participation of all of us to be challenged to provide half the cost and all the labor required.  Our prayers are with this donor in gratitude for this initiative.

Muchas gracias a todos!

Heartfelt thanks to all. Save to


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