The Diocese of Des Moines
Pastor surprised
December 21, 2012
Written By: Anne Marie Cox

During a recent homily about Advent being a time of preparation, Msgr. Stephen Orr happened to mention that there are those practical preparations, too, like baking cookies. And when you do, he told his parishioners, save three for Father. The following weekend, his parishioners at Our Lady's Immaculate Heart in Ankeny surprised him with a large basket filled with baggies -- each containing three cookies.


"I will sure look like the Cookie Monster before long after eating all those wonderful cookies you brought last weekend!" he said in a weekly note to parishioners. "What an amazing variety. While I will enjoy many of them and fill my freezer for enjoyment for weeks to come, I hope you don't mind if I share them as well. As we remember some of our families most in need this Christmas time, they will find a few little 'cookie treats' in their packages. In that way, we will spread the joy!" Save to


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