The Diocese of Des Moines
New parking lot for St. Joseph is poured; transportation for homeless families is often a barrier
August 3, 2010
Written By: Trish Radke

Though it has been one of the rainiest summer's on record, construction at St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter is moving along. Thanks to a few dry days last week, the new driveway and parking lot have been poured. One of the new features of the homeless shelter (which currently has 5 bedrooms, but through the new addition will increase to 10 bedrooms) is a new parking lot that will better accommodate families staying at the shelter who have vehicles.


Transportation is an extremely critical issue for families staying at the shelter. While many families do have vehicles, many rely on public transportation to get to work, job interviews and doctor appointments to name a few of the many places people need to go daily. The cost of public transportation is often a barrier for families so one of the many services St. Joseph provides to guests are bus tokens for families in need of transportation assistance. For this reason, donations of of bus tokens are always on the top of the shelter's wish list and are a welcomed aid for guests staying at the shelter.



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