The Diocese of Des Moines
Music and the New Roman Missal
September 7, 2010
Written By: Kyle Lechtenberg

Between now and mid-summer 2011, parish music ministers are invited to focus on introducing any new hymns and songs they wish to introduce. No new Mass settings should be taught at this time, until we are given permission to begin learning the new settings. Next year, starting mid-summer 2011 and continuing through the beginning of 2012, music in the parishes should shift almost entirely to focusing on learning new Mass settings.  The hymns and songs of our parish repertoires will be anchors of familiarity in the midst of the new texts and Mass settings.
Also, because our current Memorial Acclamation “A” (Christ has died), will not be included in the new Missal, parishes which are familiar with settings of options B, C, and D might now shift to using those. This will help Memorial Acclamation A (current) fade more gradually from use as a memorial acclamation. 
One final point--don't forget that new music resources will need to be purchased.  Parishes with hard-bound hymnals will likely be able to purchase supplements for a time, but publishers may not keep printing them.  And it could be tricky having what will be the old music in books each week. Save to


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