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Margo's Story: St. Joseph Shelter
Marvin, Margo and twelve year old Izaya. Guests at St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter.
Margo's Story: St. Joseph Shelter
August 5, 2010
Written By: Trish Radke

Last night I visited St. Joseph Shelter during dinner hour, an often busy time as guests gather around for meals, relax, take in the day and look ahead to the next. I met Margo who has been staying at the shelter with her husband and son for the past two weeks.


Margo, like many guests who come to St. Joseph, suffers from several health conditions that have limited her ability to work for the past several years. She is currently undergoing more tests and is hopeful. "This needs to be a two income family," Margo says. "So I am looking forward to getting my doctor's release and get back to work."


Margo's husband, Marvin is a veteran who is working odd jobs until he can find something more permanent that will provide a better income for his family.


Then there is 12 year old Izaya that brings a smile to my face and the face of his mom!  He is very respectful of his mom and seems to be adjusting to their circumstances well. As they sat and ate dinner I listened in on their discussion about vegetables. "That pea salad is miserable,"  he says. But he LOVED the strawberry shortcake!


I asked Margo about another guest I had met earlier in the week, Ericca, and she filled me in that her family got an apartment and moved out of the shelter earlier in the day. "I'm happy for her that she got a place but I am gonna miss her," Margo says. I asked if they would keep in touch and she nods confidently. "Oh yah, we will." Save to