The Diocese of Des Moines
Make a tax deductible charitable gift before the end of the year
December 15, 2014
Written By: Anne Marie Cox

It's that time of year when we star to think about tax benefits available to us through charitable gifts. Opportunities abound for gifts to parishes or schools. The tax year ends at midnight on Dec. 31. In order for donations to be considered a tax-deductible charitable donation this year, the gift must be received and/or postmarked before midnight on Dec. 31. The most convenient, secure and expedient way to ensure that a year-end gift is received on time is to make it online before midnight on Dec. 31. Gifts to the diocese can be made online here.

Donors interested in learning more about gifts of stock, grain, planned gifts, or ways to earn tax credits should contact the diocesan Development Office for complimentary information on how to benefit the diocese or local parishes or schools. Save to


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