The Diocese of Des Moines
Happy Feast Day
March 25, 2011
Written By: Kyle Lechtenberg

Regarding today's Lenten break-fast, a reader suggests that the Marian focus of the Annunciation should be all the more encouragement for fasting and abstinence, ending with: 


Just how worldly and soft are Catholics anyway?


I think if we look at today's Gospel reading, which is the story of Mary's "Yes" to God's invitation to be the mother of the Christ child, we'll see that the Church invites us to set aside penance, and, like Mary, to rejoice.


That a solemnity like the Annunciation of the Lord should take precedence over a Lenten Friday of penance doesn't have to mean the Church has gone worldly in a negative way. In fact, it seems to me that is what the feast celebrates: that God's eternal Word came to the world--to redeem it and us.  Our scriptures from Palm Sunday remind us what Christ's incarnation means for the world.

Incidentally, a few years ago, March 25 was Good Friday and the Annunciation was transferred to a day in the Easter season. The Church prescribes times of penance when appropriate, and times of celebration when appropriate. And, just a reminder that no one is saying you must give up your Lenten fast!


Read the Whispers post from yesterday for a little more info and, as usual, some colorful commentary on the feast day. Save to


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