The Diocese of Des Moines
Good Friday collection for the Holy L;and
April 5, 2012
Written By: Anne Marie Cox

The annual Good Friday collection is one means thorugh which we can all be witnesses of peace and help to protect and support the works of the Church in the Holy Land. The Holy Father asks all Catholics to support the Franciscans in their effort not only to care for the holy places but also provide for the welfare of our brothers and sisters in that part of the world. Bishop Richard Pates says their pastoral care is expressed in a wide-ranging effort on behalf of all the poorest social classes, both Christian and non-Christian. Through the efforts of the Franciscans for nearly 800 years, housing and health care have been provided and schools operated. The shrines and chapels of the Holy Land are maintained and service provided to 29 parishes. Your generosity will be a powerful sign of our support for the Christians living in the midst of the violence and instability of that part of the world and for the Franciscans who continue to ring the messag eof Jesus to the Holy Land. Save to


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