The Diocese of Des Moines
Finish Weak: The Close of the Year of Faith
October 21, 2013
Written By: Kyle Lechtenberg

On Sunday, November 24, the Roman Catholic Church will close the international Year of Faith, which began on October 11, 2013, to remember the opening of the Second Vatican Council. 


It's been quite a year. From the celebration of the landmark ecumenical council that re-proposed the Gospel in twentieth-century terms, to the surprise resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, to Pope Francis who has continued to surprise the world with his candor in speaking of God's joy and mercy, no one could have predicted the event of this year. And as they say to marathoners, whether from Chicago, Boston, or Des Moines, finish weak!


Hold on. It's true that is nothing like what we or they say to marathoners. Yet, look at the Gospel reading for the close of the Year of Faith. The Christ we worship is one who rules from the cross in utter weakness and poverty. Yet in this weakness, as Saint Paul writes, we find our strength. Christ poured out his life for all humanity. When 


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