The Diocese of Des Moines
Catholic, Lutheran bishops focus on overcoming differences
November 1, 2016
Written By: Anne Marie Cox

Catholic Bishop Richard Pates and Lutheran Bishop Michael Burk, ELCA, together penned a column in today's Des Moines Register about the efforts to focus on overcoming differences between the Catholic and Lutheran faith traditions. Pope Francis is in Lund, Sweden, also pointing out the similarities during an ecumenical prayer service. Bishop Pates and Bishop Burk, too, invite you to join them in ecumenical prayer for unity. The local prayer service kicks off a year leading up to the 500th anniversary of when Martin Luther nailed his "95 Theses" to a church door in Germany, thereby leading to the Protestant Reformation. During this year leading up to that anniversary, local Catholic and Lutheran congregations are encouraged to come together to focus on the similarities among the two traditions. Save to


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