The Diocese of Des Moines
Catholic Charities Celebrated Nationally this Sunday
September 22, 2010
Written By: Guest Blogger Ken Bresnan

This coming weekend, which is being celebrated nationally as Catholic Charities Sunday,  several parishes in our diocese are taking part in Catholic Charities postcard campaign to Reduce Poverty in America


Parishioners are being offered the opportunity to send preprinted postcards to our two senators and their representative asking them to take a stand against poverty in America, and in essence, to join with us in our efforts to cut poverty in half. 


The number of our citizens that are living below the poverty line is at the highest it has been since the great depression. We are asking our fellow supporters to speak out on this injustice and to help our legislators work toward reducing this number. If you want to receive a set of the postcards and they are not available in your church call 515-237-5089

or email Kenan Bresnan.

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