The Diocese of Des Moines
Butter nativity almost complete
November 28, 2010
Written By: Trish Radke

Preparations for the annual No Room at the Inn homelessness awareness event have already begun. Many of you have already heard about the newest addition to exhibition of nativities from all over the world - the butter nativity.


This year, the nativity exhibition will feature a hand-sculpted butter nativity by artist Sarah Pratt. Sarah is the current artist behind the butter art featured at the Iowa State Fair and is creating a butter sculpture of the holy family.


Sarah has been hard at work over the holiday weekend to create the 5 foot sculpture that is housed in a large 8 foot by 6 foot cooler donated by our friends at Borgen Systems in Des Moines.


 Follow the creation of the butter sculpture on our Facebook page. We are posting photos of the project.


So many people have helped to make the butter sculpture part of this year's event including past Board member and current Marketing Committee member Joe Hrdlicka. Kent Lehs over at

Midwest Dairy Association and AMPI (Associated Milk Producers) have also made the sculpture possible. It has been an amazing process to watch happen! Thanks to everyone who has made this possible!


Many people have asked (or are at least thinking), "why a butter nativity?"


Well, has it peeked your interest?

Do you want to come and see it just a little bit?

Have you told your friends about it yet?

It is our hope that the butter nativity will be viewed as not only an amazing work of art, but also as a way bring attention to the plight of the homeless, especially homelessness among families.


According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Last year, 14,068 Iowans were in homeless families. This is a big issue and it deserves big issue attention.


It is our hope that this fun-spirited Iowa tradition will bring some new attention to homelessness in our communities and help us to remember the true reason for the season. Save to


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