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Burst Out Laughing!
Playroom addition on the south side of St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter. Photo by Jacob Sharp.
Burst Out Laughing!
August 12, 2010
Written By: Trish Radke

If knowing that there is a new playroom addition to St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter isn't enough to make you smile, the name of the new carpet in the playroom should!


"Burst Out Laughing" 


Truly, this is the name of the new carpet that covers the floor in the soft yellow room that is soon to house laughing children.


Tom Moreland, major donor for the St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter expansion, was the number one advocate for a playroom addition for the shelter. Tom, who began helping families staying at St. Joseph by providing evening meals, had first hand experience of the many children that stay at the shelter. 


Last year alone, 58% of the guests who stayed at the shelter were children age 13 or younger. 




During the month of August, Catholic Charities’ staff and committee members are "Blogging the Build". Follow our blog for updates on the expansion of St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter. Save to


Thank you for the frequent updates on the progress of the expansion. It's really nice to know what's going on in the Diocese in real time rather than months after the fact.
Posted By: Cindy - 8/12/2010 11:32 AM

Wow!!!! I was just there a week ago. What progress!! Looking great!!
Posted By: Chris Christy - 8/12/2010 2:59 PM

This is looking great! I cannot believe how much they have gotten done already. I love the name of the carpet - cute! What a nice addition!
Posted By: Jamie - 8/12/2010 4:01 PM