The Diocese of Des Moines
Blessing of the Parched Earth
July 24, 2012
Written By: Kyle Lechtenberg

Prayers for farms and farmers are a part of life here in Iowa. This year, with conditions now at the worst in nearly 25 years, those prayers are more persistent. NOAA recently declared that conditions around the nation are at their worst since 1956. We've received a few requests for prayers in time of drought, and here is one option that pastors and parishioners may find helpful. This was composed by the Rev. Thomas L. Weitzel, a pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. 



Blessing of the Parched Earth


Blessed are you, O God, king of the universe.
You made the whole earth for your glory
and nurture it with sun and rain and the passing seasons.
We lift our voices in praise and sing with all creation to give you glory. 


Bless + now our parched earth.
Open your heavens wide
and send forth the rains that nurture the earth,
the fields and their crops,
your people and all your creatures.
Make the earth to break forth in abundance,
so that the harvest from your hand may enrich our lives,
and all people see the greatness of God.


Bless also those who are in any distress from this hot dry season:
the elderly, the poor, the homeless,
the industries and people who depend upon the land.
Save us all by your gracious hand.

Heal us and bind us up in faith.

To you be honor and glory and praise,
with the Son and Holy Spirit, now and in all ages to come.

All respond:  Amen Save to


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