The Diocese of Des Moines
Bishop Pates on the election
October 31, 2012
Written By: Anne Marie Cox

As Election Day approaches, you may be wondering what Bishop Richard Pates has said about the election, the political parties or the candidates. Here is an article he penned that was printed in "America" magazine last August. Called "In This Together: How Catholics can overcome partisan divisions," the article says, "Today, the Church can evangelize by working among people with various perspectives to counter the excesses of ideology. It might often make people angry, but it also would make the Catholic voice more difficult to ignore, elevating it above mere partisan agendas. It would give the Church renewed credibiltiy as a moral voice and force in the culture. In the words of 'Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship,' 'We are called to bring together our principles and our political choices, our values and our votes, to help build a better world.' "


Bishop Pates also addressed the election in his September and October columns in The Catholic Mirror, which you can find here. Save to


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