The Diocese of Des Moines
Bishop Pates issues statement after Las Vegas shooting massacre
October 3, 2017
Written By: Kelly Collins

Bishop Richard Pates issues statement on shooting massacre in Las Vegas:
"The only adequate response to the tragic events in Las Vegas on Sunday evening is one of prayer for all of the innocent who were killed and the hundreds who were injured. Our prayer also goes out to the families, friends and loved ones who grieve the loss and suffering of those close to them. We in the Diocese of Des Moines stand in solidarity with all affected by again another display of the radical misuse of firearms.
May we move forward in unison to prevent the senseless taking of life and seek to fulfill our sacred responsibility of protecting all life.
I ask that all of our parish communities render a special prayer for the victims and their families on October 6th and 7th in the month of October, Respect Life Month." Save to


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