The Diocese of Des Moines
Bishop delivers keynote at Iowa Institute for Social Action
October 9, 2012
Written By: Anne Marie Cox

This past Saturday, Bishop Richard Pates delivered the keynote address to the Iowa Institute for Social Action entitled "Threats to World Peace and the Church's Response." In his talk, Bishop covered specifically the areas of Israel-Palestine, Afghanistan-Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of the congo and latin America. He also offered the Church's perspective on what peace really means. "The Church teaches that peace doe snot consist simply in the absence of war or violence," he said. "true peace can only be built on the firm foundation of justice. The Church speaks of creating 'an authentic culture of peace' in which 'the defense and promotion fo humanr ights is essential for the building up of a peaceful society,'" he said, citing the Compendium of the Social Teaching of the Church. Save to


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