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Basic necessities provided to guests at St. Joseph
Refrigerators in the kitchen at St. Joseph Shelter. The expanded shelter will add additional energy efficient appliances.
Basic necessities provided to guests at St. Joseph
August 4, 2010
Written By: Trish Radke

When guests arrive at St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter one of the first things they learn is that all basic necessities will be taken care of for the duration of their 30 day stay at the shelter. This includes three meals a day, personal care items, laundry facilities and bus transportation (when funds allow). Taking care of these basic necessities enables guests to save what few resources they may have and focus on a plan to return to self-sufficiency (with the help of our fantastic case manager... more to come on that). 


One of the most basic of needs provided for guests is food. Volunteers provide evening meals every day of the week which is a HUGE help making our annual food budget less than $5000! Considering last year the shelter housed 261 people for varying lengths of time, volunteer meal providers play an ESSENTIAL role in serving guests.


To sign up to provide a meal at the shelter, contact 515-282-1235.


One of the many items on our shelter wish list are refrigerators and freezers to accommodate the food supplies. The shelter house manager told me that they go through 8 gallons of milk each week-- which will most likely double when the expansion is complete. Reliable, energy efficient appliances will ensure proper food storage, and thankfully, past donations from the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Des Moines and other friends' of Catholic Charities have provided new appliances when needed. If you are looking for a way to help, contributing toward a need such as this is a very valuable way to fulfill a very basic need.


During the month of August, Catholic Charities’ staff and committee members are "Blogging the Build". Follow our blog for up updates on the expansion of St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter. Save to