The Diocese of Des Moines
National Vocation Awareness Week
January 13, 2012
Written By: Lauren Steinkoenig

With the end of National Vocation Awareness Week coming up, the Vocations Office wanted to share this great outlook on the beauty and gift of vocations. We ask that you continue to pray for an increase in young people answering God's call, his great gift and invitation to the priesthood and religious life throughout the year. 
"I always look forward to National Vocation Awareness Week.  You know why?  Not because I think it’s important to pray for priestly and religious vocations (which I do), and not because I think people in general aren’t “aware” of the fact that the numbers of individuals following a call to priesthood and religious life are low (which they are).  I love this week primarily because it draws attention to the beauty of the vocation given us by God.  A vocation is a gift, and it’s God’s idea for the way we are to follow him to become ever closer to his heart.  Praying for vocations isn’t going to convince God to call more people to be priests and religious.  Praying for vocations isn’t even going to convince those called to actually follow-through and commit to the life.  Praying for vocations—I hope and pray—is going to open my heart and the hearts of all people to the voice of God that calls each one of us by name, drawing us all to a deeper love of him who calls…and thus helping us make the commitment to follow him in the path he has marked out for us." Save to


Thanks for inspiring commentary on vocations.
Posted By: John mwongera - 1/19/2012 9:41 AM